The Humboldt Taxpayer's League
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~A Watchdog Organization to Advocate for, and Inform, the Taxpayers~
P.O. Box 1432, Eureka, CA 95502-1432
President- Jim Pell ,Vice- President- Phil Nyberg
Executive Director- Cliff Chapman
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Meeting Info
Our Goals
  Our Bylaws
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 The Humboldt Taxpayer's League was established in 1964 with the primary purpose of monitoring local governments in the interest of all taxpayers. Our sole concern is the most effective use of your tax dollars. We are strictly opposed to any taxation, by whatever name, without the consent of the electorate.We are: Non- partisan, non- profit and registered as a 501 (c) (4) corporation.We are a totally member supported organization and do not seek or receive any government funding.

Our Mission:

The League is a watchdog organization that advocates for and informs the taxpayers, and assures that new taxes are not levied without a vote of the taxpayers. The League supports Proposition 13, encourages responsible allocation and use of local public resources, and opposes growth of government.  To these ends, the League will:
  • Monitor local governments and their use of public funds and resources
  • Educate taxpayers on matters of taxation and the operation of government
  • Provide a liason between the taxpayers and government entities
  • The League will not endorse political candidates.

    Meeting Information

    The League normally meets for lunch quarterly at 11:45am, with the business meeting starting at noon.

     Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 11, 2017, 12:45pm at the Marina Cafe Conference Room, Woodley Island Marina. Our special guest will be John Ford, of the Humboldt County Planning Commission. The meeting agenda is posted below.

    Clifford B. Chapman, Executive Director

    Our meetings generally move in three phases. First, we do our introductions, announcements, and reminders of just why we're here. Second, we make the decisions and complete the business requested of us (our Old Business and New Business agenda items individually listed). Third, we review what it is we will be doing until the next meeting (our Committee Reports from the various committee chairs).
     The public is invited to attend and participate. Reservations may be made by calling 707-599-2561. Send your email address to Cliff Chapman and you will be added to our list to receive the agenda and other League materials by email. 

    General Membershhip Meeting 12:45 p.m.

        Call to Order by President Phil Nyberg (determine if quorum is present)

        Opening Reports

    2.1   Minutes of the July 13, and September 21, 2016 Meetings

    2.2   President’s Report

    2.3   Vice President’s Report

    2.4   Executive Director’s Report

        Action Items

    3.1 Consider appointments to vacant Committee Chair seats – Phil Nyberg

    3.2 Appointment of Nominating Committee – Phil Nyberg

        Old Business

    4.1 Bond Oversight Committee Reports – John Prevost, Art Chase and Jim Pell

    4.2 Results of November, 2016 Election – Cliff Chapman

    4.3 Update on CalFire Tax Lawsuit – Cliff Chapman


        New Business

    5.1 Discussion on Potential Future Tax Initiatives – Kent Sawatzky


    6.   Standing Committee Reports

    6.1 Executive Committee (Jim Pell, Chair)

    6.2 Arcata Monitoring Committee (Vacant)

    6.3 Eureka Monitoring Committee (Vacant)

    6.4 Fortuna Monitoring Committee (Cliff Chapman, Chair)

    6.5 County Monitoring Committee (Charles Ciancio, Chair)

    6.6 State Monitoring Committee (Jim Pell, Chair)

    6.7 Public Pensions Committee (Cliff Chapman, Chair)

    6.8  Special Districts Committee (Nancy Pritchard, Chair)

          7,  Adjourn Open Meeting

    The next regular meeting Wednesday, April 12, 2017, location to be announced

    Membership Information

    If you'd like to become a member of the Humboldt Taxpayer's League, dues for individuals and businesses are $40.00 per year. All membership dues are payable October 1st of each year. Click here to go to the online membership form. Sorry, at this point you'll have to print it out and mail it to us. We hope to have a method to join online set up soon. You can also get a membership application sent to you by e-mailingCliff Chapman.


    Several standing committees have been established, and all members are encouraged (and really expected) to participate in at least one.  The committees are the Membership Committee, the Media Committee, and 13 "monitoring" committees that follow and report on the activities and current issues related to the following agencies or subjects:
    • State of California
    • County of Humboldt
    • City of Arcata
    • City of Eureka
    • City of Fortuna and Southern Humboldt County
    • McKinleyville and Northern Humboldt County School Districts
    • Harbor District
    • Public Land Acquisitions
    • Tax Revenue Allocations
    • Timber and Environmental Regulations
    • Business Regulations
    • Land Use & Development Regulations


    Special 'ad hoc' committees are constantly being formed for the specific purpose of studying a particular issue or interest of concern to the League. An Ad Hoc Committee might consist of one or more League members, and the committee is expected to provide the League with current, adequate information about the particular subject.  Some of these committees are very short lived, and others might be active for quite some time.
    Our Goals

    Goals For Becoming The Most Influential Civic Organization In Humboldt County:
    1. Increase membership numbers and involvement to include an effective influential sector of our County's population:

    a. Increase general membership and voting influence.
    b. Develop and implement a Membership Drive strategy.

    2. Develop the League's committee structure to increase general membership participation and the effectiveness of our time and efforts.

    3. Increase visibility and communication with the public and general membership, including:

    a. Newsletters and Newspaper articles
    b. Position/Issue papers
    c. Public speaker forums
    4. Establish Rules of Conduct for how we conduct ourselves both within the League and with the officials, agencies and other organizations we work with.

    5. Define the principles that disclose the League's collective opinions and adopted policies toward the use of public resources, and upon which the League's positions and recommendations will be based.

    6. Stay passionate recommit ourselves to advancing the League's Mission and supporting each other in our efforts and projects.

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